On The Horizon: Moto News Predicts The Hottest Motorcycle Trends For The Next Decade

On The Horizon: Moto News Predicts The Hottest Motorcycle Trends For The Next Decade

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Motorcycles have gotten faster, lighter, and smarter over the years and the trend is likely to continue. With technology improving and new models being released, the motoring industry is heading into the next decade with a future that stacks up with some exciting possibilities. Moto News has compiled a list of what is expected to be the hottest motorcycle trends in the 2020s.

Power and Performance

The power that motorcycles can achieve has come a long way in the last decade and with it, the performance and handling have benefited. We’ll see even more powerful engines released throughout the decade with manufacturers looking to fulfil the demanding needs of riders. Manufacturers will also focus on making motorcycles that are fuel-efficient, cleaner and smoother, while also providing plenty of power.

Connectivity and Tech

The 2020s are expected to be the decade of motorcycle connectivity, with motorcycles becoming increasingly tech-laden and smarter. We’ll see more motorcycles being fitted with multiple screens and connected infotainment systems, allow drivers to enjoy the ride even further. Riders can expect more sophisticated sensors, systems and dashboards that can be tailored to their exact preferences.


The exterior of motorcycles will see the biggest shift in the next decade. Designs will become increasingly aerodynamic, with manufacturers seeking out ways to reduce drag and wind resistance. We can also expect to see some big changes in suspension, as riders increasingly seek out a comfortable riding experience.

Sustainable Materials

With consumers increasingly prioritizing sustainability, the technological advancements behind the materials used in manufacturing have become increasingly important. Companies are now investing more in research and innovation to find new materials that can help reduce the environmental impact of motorcycling. Expect to see more sustainable materials used in manufacturing, such as bioplastics and carbon fiber, being widely adopted over the coming years.

Safety Features

Safety is always paramount in the motoring industry and manufacturers continue to invest heavily in developing new features to ensure riders can enjoy their rides without worry. Advances in visors, helmets, airbags and seatbelts are just some of the safety features being developed and we’ll see more high-tech features being incorporated into motorcycle design throughout the 2020s.

It is clear that the next decade will see some big changes and exciting advances in the motorcycling industry as manufacturers continue to push the boundaries. With new technology, materials and designs on the horizon, it’s sure to be an exciting and thrilling time!